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Benefits of „Seeing without Eyes“

Benefits of „Seeing without Eyes“

Seeing without eyes is a solution finding method that can help you gain more


-ability to concentrate

-inner peace



-Definition of your own goals


-Solution of internal blockages

-enjoyment of life

in your everyday life.


In addition, you will learn in your intensive seminar the possibility to replace your sense of sight in a completely natural way. For you, regardless of the state of your eyes, that means visually perceiving / seeing - for a lifetime!

During the time of your intensive seminar, inner processes of becoming conscious arise, with which you and your behavior patterns get to know each other better and more intensively. So you can perceive and discover unconscious blockages - and solve them in loving and consistent accompaniment.

By dissolving the inner blockades and breaking through this border, set by western society, that we can only see with our eyes, you will experience more self-confidence, clarity and inner freedom in your everyday life!

Here are some practical examples of how different professions can benefit from Seeing without Eyes Intensive Seminar:

* Naturopaths find through this intuition training much faster the right way to help their clients.

* Managers and sales managers get an even better sense of who you can hire and who is the best fit for your team.

* Salespeople get an even better feeling for the needs of their customers or can filter out from a number of different customers, those who are really ready to buy. (This results in a more efficient and successful action).

* Telephone consultants can filter out in advance those people who are happy about the offer of their company and are grateful for their call.

* Bakers and cooks can enhance their creations even further with a strengthened intuition - giving them a significant advantage over their competitors.


* Kindergarten educators will find the right games and ideas for each day's mood of their protégés faster and thus find more balance in their children's groups.

* Judges and police officers can intuitively grasp whether statements are honest or not.

* Personal trainers / coaches know the right exercises for their clients even faster and can support their clients even more successfully and individually.

* Self-employed feel intuitively which cooperations are successful and help them, or which contacts are supportive for their company.

Read the feedback of a participant 4 months after her intensive seminar.

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See without Eyes

Learn to strengthen your intuition with the Direct Informative Perception and see without your eyes. Blow up your boundaries and use your potential.

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