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Seeing without Eyes has a long Story

From a dear friend, we learned that in the book "Quantum Philosophy and Interworld" written by Dr. Ulrich Warnke by Scorpio publishing house, there is a chapter entitled "See without Eyes". We were very surprised to read this.

Dr. Ulrich Warnke, in consultation with the Scorpio publishing house, allowed us to publish parts of this chapter on our website. We thank him and the Scorpio publishing house for his generosity.

Dr. Warnke wrote in this chapter that Louis Henri Farigoule mediated seeing and blind people the “Seeing without Eyes” already in 1919.In 1927 he received an award at an eye congress in Edinburgh Scotland. Louis Henri Farigoule later became famous as the novelist Jules Romains.

At the bottom of this page you will find a newspaper article issued on November 3rd, 1926 in the then published magazine "The Mercury" in which was reported on Mrs. Leila Heyn. Leila Heyn, a born-blind American, was able to see without her eyes in 1926 after 8 months of training. She has her experiences after she "saw", published in the book "Une Éducation paroptique".

Here you will find the text excerpts of the book "Quantum Philosophy and Interworld" from the chapter "Seeing without Eyes":

On page 128, from line 5, it says:

...... It is hard to believe, but there is vision even without eye reception. This phenomenon has been known for a long time. As one of the first it was explored by Louis Farigoule, who later became known under the pseudonym Jules Romains as a writer. He was a professor of philosophy and had already obtained several diplomas at the Ècole normale supèrieure in Paris, among other things in the field of biology. In 1919 he published a writing (La Vision extra-rétinienne et le sens paroptique), which was launched in 1921 a second time. In it he described in detail that people can see without eyes. During an international eye congress in Edinburgh in 1927, the work of Farigoule was honored with an award and a detailed report ............

On page 128 from line 33:

... Then he (Louis Henri Farigoule) trained blind children and had his entire results certified by a specialist commission in the Cochin hospital. The experts of the commission then conducted own tests and could attest the authenticity of the phenomenon .....

On page 129 from line 6:

....... Actually, one would expect that this strange phenomenon was promptly picked up by the science to find the mechanism, but the opposite was the case, no one researched ....

Page 132 from row 6:

....... We all have the facilities to do so, but in the rarest cases we encourage and develop them. "

Dr. Warnke lists more examples of people in his book, who learned and documented this ability in the last century.

Here you will find the book of Dr. med. Ulrich Warnke "Quantum Philosophy and Interworld" to be able to read more detailed there. In addition, you will find in this book more interesting topics and techniques.

Article of 1926 “The Mercury” - Seeing without eyes
Source: National Library of Australia. The Mercury 3.11.1926


Article of 1926 - The Evening Independent - Sight without eyes
Source: St. Petersburg, Florida. The Evening Independent 12.10.1926

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