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Seminar summary of Dr. Frauke Gabers

In spring I read with great interest an article in the R & D (German Magazine), “Seeing without Eyes” by Evelyn Ohly.

The article convinced me - despite the very unusual content for me. At least it seemed unusual to me at the time ...

In the meantime, I have attended this seminar myself and have been able to collect my own experiences, more precisely I am still collecting. At least I am not disappointed.

After reading this article I got a lot of associations and also wishes: I professionally work with horses - on an energetic level. I facilitate the cooperation with the horses, if I can take as much information as possible from them. Meaning: have a good perception, a secure intuition and a fine empathy. My big wish is (whose wish as a horse owner is not that?) To understand horses and help them effectively.

Somehow, I promised myself such "fulfilments" from this seminar.

And of course, I wanted to become much safer in my life choices, which challenge you in their diversity again and again.

I can with great anticipation to the seminar - I just could not turn it off ...

Inside, I already suspected that "more will come out of this" than to look through opaque glasses. Although this fact alone is uplifting.

And that's exactly what I wanted to engage with myself: to see how (life) attitudes might evolve and change inside me. That could only be positive and enriching; that’s how I felt deep inside of me.

Now, 4 months later, I read it like in a book - and am firmly convinced that the seminar is the 'culprit': Above all, I feel mentally much clearer than before the seminar. I am strengthened in my decision-making ability and confident in the assessment of many situations. My intuition has improved significantly. This was my main wish. After all, all levels of action are linked to this. This does not exclude to reconcile the intuition with mental decisions!

I feel lighter and inwardly freer, happier. Even if on the outside - supposedly negative happens: I can attach meaning to meaning in much less time than before. And that makes you free!

I have become clearer in the pursuit of my goals. And observing this is fun!

Strong changes have happened between my horse and me: a year ago she was a real 'problem horse'. Mutual trust has grown enormously. I observe this since the seminar. Requirements for the mare and cooperation with her, which in the current form would have been unthinkable, now simply work. In unspoken agreement! Also, I perceive my horse in his whole being much faster than before. In the past, the feelings and insights about how to deal with her came to me when I got back home (after all!). Now I can respond to the situation.

Horses feel exactly what it's like inside, what is its truth. You cannot fool them. My mare feels the greater certainty and clarity I radiate towards her. This, in turn, strengthens mutual trust - and ALL is better. My horse is to me the indicator of what reflects my heart. It does not get any clearer! And it's that easy. You just have to look.

This seminar was a complete success for me - and of course for all creatures I'm dealing with ...

Apart from the fact that the seminar was conducted in an incredibly pleasant atmosphere - after all, we had worked hard under a high concentration - with clear systematics and relentless consistency on the part of the instructors.

Thank you again for this experience and nice gift!

Dr. Frauke Gabers - Biologist & Animal Healing Practitioner

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See without Eyes

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