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Feedback from our seminar participants

Dear Evelyn, dear Axel

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful intensive seminar "Seeing without Eyes". This topic is fascinating, as it has far-reaching implications in everyday life that go far beyond "seeing." Experiencing that impossible-believed things or skills are possible is an overwhelming feeling and can lead to further abilities. There were so many great exercises, tutorials and motivational support in this seminar that there was continual progress, on all participants I’ve seen - to reading (blindfolded). In my opinion, that's because both of you, Evelyn and Axel, have a heart. You could literally feel, see and experience that you love what you do.

Very positive and pleasant, I also found the harmony between you two, you have complemented each other wonderful. Evelyn and Axel, you have always managed that we did not get tired. We learned to believe in ourselves and to rejoice in every small step forward. You also always had time to respond to individual participants, answer their additional questions, give encouragement - and still be there for the whole group. It was also helpful and exciting to me to experience the children who learned it so quickly, live. To experience this "before" and "after" clearly showed us that it is possible.

It was indeed a very intense seminar. I admire your energy, for 5 days from morning to evening for us participants to be there and always positive to motivate. As a shamanic practitioner, I know of our inner organs of perception, which function analogously to the outer ones. The overcoming of the inner critic, the mind and the deep-seated belief "I cannot do this, it will not work", I held before the seminar, especially in relation to a whole group, for a mammoth task that is almost impossible to solve ... but you did it.

With kind regards

Stephanie Hundt


This feedback reached us 16 hours after an intensive seminar by e-mail:

Good morning Evelyn and Axel,

First of all, thanks again for the great seminar. I've visited countless seminars, courses, etc. However, what I have experienced with you over the past five days puts everything in shade.

Never before have I experienced such honestly motivated instructors. You had the group always under control and yet it was for us, as far as I’m concerned, at any time free in their actions. You have responded to individual participants without neglecting the group. At the beginning, I was wondering how it would work with two instructors, but then I was surprised how you supported each other. There was never the slightest disharmony to feel, but always the mutual support. None of the participants had the chance to be disconnected or not motivated, either for a short time or for a long time. It may be that the group was special, but that's no coincidence.

I came to the course with curiosity as to whether seeing without eyes could work for me as well, as it does not go so well with adults as it does with children. That it can work, I was already clear. When I was able to perceive colors and later sharp outlines and words, it was a stunning experience. That the course should consist of two parts, I realized so on the edge and put up with. What this kind of intuition training can do, has surprised me positively. I was actually in a good mood before the class and felt so good. Already on the first evening I was much happier and today I can almost fly.

But now I have to stop, it's not my way of writing positive, but it's part of where it belongs.

Thanks again for everything



When I left for the seminar in Niefern in October, it was clear to me in advance that my life would change as a result. Already from previous phone calls with Evelyn Ohly and the sideline of the book "Donkey wisdom" by Prof. Misakarim Norbekov. How intensive this experience would then be, I was not aware in advance, however. "The boundaries we set ourselves" was the decisive sentence with which I left the 5 days, coupled with methods for training my physical and inner eyes. Since then, a lot has been happening to me and I am focused on it: I want to see! Only 1% vision due to my optic nerve degeneration is not enough for me- I can do more and I want more! So confident I enjoy every day what I see and the beauty of what I see makes my eyes shine. Thank you, dear Axel, thank you dear Evelyn for spreading such a great opportunity to regain one’s eyesight and to be more or less aware of his self-imposed limits in the head.

Psychologist & Yoga Teacher Tobias Weber


The seminar "Seeing without Eyes" by Evelyn & Axel was an intense enrichment for me

on many levels: Intuitive, informative and visual.

In the seminar I learned to perceive my environment sharper and more detailed through an opaque mask and to exchange my original skepticism with a continuous chain of large and small proofs: namely to perceive the world sharply and detailed against the wonderful gift despite a visual impairment of -8 diopters.

In my opinion, the seminar is suitable for anyone who wants to experience a completely new (self-) experience and is open for an extraordinary experience.

Karl Kratz


There are seminars that promise a lurid promise that they change your whole life. This seminar does not promise, but it still changes the whole life. Especially the point of view, the perspective changes: to leave possibilities, to rely on the intuition, to trust the still hidden abilities. All in a casual atmosphere, but nevertheless structured.

With this seminar everyone can learn without seeing eyes and trusting their intuition.

Daniel B., Ravensburg


I really liked this seminar. The division into intuition exercises and "Seeing without Eyes" has brought variety, without which we would have been over-tired. I am happy to work on my intuition and to find a good companion in you. Super nice seminar, I like the warmth and honesty that you all conveyed.

Thank you



Many thanks for the great 5 seminar days.

You can feel your enthusiasm and love in communicating in teaching us the contents of self-motivation, confidence in ourselves and our abilities. It was a very eventful time with very nice people who have supported and motivated you again and again. Even if it is not easy and always requires energy, I will stay tuned to my vision of seeing without eyes and trust in my own intuition.

Many Thanks

Your Franz


The seminar is absolutely enriching in many ways. Already on the first day, new worlds opened up for me. Seemingly incredible things just work. It is important to overcome your own "sabotage programs". But with the motivation of both of you we succeed, better and better. You gain confidence in what you have experienced, consolidating your newly experienced experiences. This increasing security is a gift! Thank you for all these experiences, the expansion of consciousness and your excellent motivation. The normal vision has improved significantly from the very first day. I can write again without glasses and go shopping. The seminar is on the one hand exhausting and on the other hand

Enriching ....... THANK YOU!



Thank you very much for your invitation to "See without Eyes". Nice that the frame of the seminar has more playful character and has not stirred up any room for fears coupled with performance, competition or comparison. The division of the exercise sessions (from the time frame) I have very much met, I felt always challenged, but never Overwhelmed. It was almost completely uncharted territory for me in your approach. You never got tired of smiling and praising. Great role models, I will continue to follow and follow the past. There is no reason not to do it. I can remember teachers who used my skills to push a course and kept telling me I was not good enough just to get more out of me. I did not have such a feeling for a moment. Thanks for that.

-The seminar layout to 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, I felt optimally distributed on the 5 days.

Enough input and time for stimulus processing and integration.

Thank you both



I honestly do not know what I could criticize negatively. I liked the structuring very well: the change between intuition exercises and "working" with the mask. My initial sense of pressure build-up quickly turned into the realization that some speed and emphasis on the exercises were very meaningful and ultimately helpful to me. Often, I was at my supposed limit, but you have virtually helped me to cross the border. On the 4th day, the window opened (note of "seeing without eyes" team: internally perceived): Thank you very inning and warmly. I feel that it's all about seeing without eyes, but that changes happen inside of me that I've been working on for a long time. I am very excited about what will happen to me next - and I am now firmly convinced to realize my visions.

A very deep and sweet thanks for that.

Dr. Frauke Gabers


Dear beloved Ones,

Your course is very well structured, and you motivate the participants excellent. In addition, you have the seminar location very well chosen. Although I have used my intuition more or less in everyday life, or I've been bumped into certain things by the "spiritual world" - and then something like "Watch out, that's right for you" came to mind, but I was not aware that such things were structured with learning colors ect. In particular, colors were also an incidental topic for me, but that's how I got to experience a new approach to this topic. The connection between "seeing" and intuition also opened new perspectives to me open and I am very curious how this will evolve.

I wish you continued happiness and success.

Many greetings



The seminar did a lot of good to me. I will never forget the intuition exercises and the sight without eyes and like to remember the five days and continue the exercises as far as possible at home.


Derk-Jan Elbert

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