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The GREAT Seeing without Eyes 7 Day Seminar

Experience the great and extraordinary Seeing without eyes seminar with the US -TV journalist Frank Elaridi from 27th August until 1th September 2020 in Palm Springs in USA.

In this seminar you can expect...

  • Learn to visually recognize objects in your environment while wearing a completely opaque mask

  • Techniques to help you make your life even more easier and nicer 

  • Learn to act practically success-oriented

  • Learn methods to improve your health

  • Instead of the usual 5 “vision without eyes” training days you will get 1 extra day. (6 seminar days total)

  • In addition to seeing without eyes, learn to move objects in your hand without touching them

and all this with the famous US TV journalist Frank Elaridi, who will be with you before the beginning of this seminar and will accompany you from the beginning here in USA.



Currently only 5 places free!


Watch here: The US TV journalist Frank Elaridi learned to See without his eyes
Feedback from Out of Body Expert Tom Campbel to the seeing without eyes seminar
This awaits you in your special seminar
Even the blind can see again with this technique



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See without Eyes

Learn to strengthen your intuition with the Direct Informative Perception and see without your eyes. Blow up your boundaries and use your potential.

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